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Legacy Sport Medicine's Medical Services

At Legacy Sport Medicine, our sport medicine physicians provide expertise and years of clinical experience in the assessment and management of a wide array of musculoskeletal conditions. Most of our physicians have completed fellowship training programs in sport medicine and are diplomats of the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine (CASEM). Common problems treated include back pain, osteoarthritis, rotator cuff pain, and workplace injuries, with our clientele including athletes (elite and recreational), seniors, workers, and children. 

We also focus on the diagnosis and treatment of medical problems pertaining to the athlete including concussions, stress fractures, and ACL injuries. Our sport medicine physicians have access to on-site digital x-ray services for the immediate assessment of acute injuries, the management of arthritis and the evaluation of other musculoskeletal pathology. 

Legacy Sport Medicine is the training centre for the University of Manitoba Musculoskeletal Fellowship, in addition to being a clinical teaching area for many University of Manitoba Residency Programs.

Appointments may be made in person or by phone at  204-949 1099; we reserve appointments for acute injuries on a first come first served limited availability basis.  Your family physician or health care provider may also request an appointment for you on a consultative basis. 

Our services are typically covered by Manitoba Health, and the Workers Compensation Board.  Services including completion of insurance forms and drivers physical examinations are not covered by Manitoba Health and are paid for privately by the individual, although some insurance companies do allow direct billing for these forms.