Legacy Sport Medicine


Bracing Services

Casting and bracing services are provided at Legacy Sport Medicine and through Elite High Performance Centre and Performance Healthware on site at our clinic complex.

We offer casting including playing casts, post injury splints, using fibreglass and Gore-Tex ® materials.  Certain injuries and medical problems may be best treated by bracing and orthotic devices such as, foot orthotics, walking boots, and knee braces. 

Manitoba Health coverage for casting and bracing may apply depending on the condition treated and Manitoba Health.

Legacy Sport Medicine Clinic provides casting treatment for common fractures and ligament injuries at our clinic complex.   We use various types of casting and orthotics and bracing, such as walking boots, knee braces (off the shelf or custom braces depending the injury).  For upper extremity injuries we often prescribe,  Exos casting.  We require that you have consultation with one of our physicians to determine the best type of treatment for your injury.

Manitoba Health coverage for some devices may apply depending on the condition treated and Manitoba Heath coverage rules.    Other third party insurance plans often help to defray the costs associated with specialized braces. 

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